Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Looking back at last month’s workshop

After a long absence, the Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Garden held its first workshop of the year!


The Alembic Distillation workshop was held on Saturday, March 10.

Andrina Eyles

Under the supervision of Andrina Eyles, attendees learned how to distil essential oils from Buddha’s hand.  “It was fabulously scented and calming, using Buddha’s hand as an essential oil, perfect for using in an oil burner at home,” Garden Supervisor Vicky Barrett says.


The workshop was an opportunity to learn about distilling therapeutic oils and those for oil burners, cooking, baking, flavouring or for making herbal teas and hydrosols. As well as Buddha’s hand, attendees also got to work with Lemon verbena.


 “Lemon verbena as a hydrosol is useful in icings, tea and flavouring water. If there is enough interest we would welcome another workshop later in the year,” Vicky explains.

If you are interested in attending future workshops, like the Dig It! Facebook page.

Lemon verbena (in bowls)

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