Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New workshop next month!

Are you interested in learning how to make floral waters and essential oils from herbs and flowers?
Come along to the Dig It! Garden where distiller Andrina Eyles will show you how to set up an Alembic still and offer demonstrations of the distillation processes involved in making these products.

Andrina studied with Alembic NZ and is an active member of the Aromatic Distiller group. 

Andrina's practices are based on sustainability, ethics, plants and flower remedies. She is a registered practitioner and tutor of First Light® Flower Essences of New Zealand. 

"Distilling comes naturally to me and I am able to put everything together in a logical and methodical sequence recording and monitoring my distilling processes," she says. 

After assisting with workshops for other groups for the last few years, Andrina started running  her own workshops last year. 

"I am passionate about the future of aromatic waters, as they can be powerful allies that uplift us through our sense of smell," Andrina says. 

Andrina's workshop will be held at the Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Garden on 10 March, from 10am - 3pm.

Bring your questions along to share and learn.

The Details

When: 10-3, Saturday 10 March

Where: Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Garden, 14 Erson Ave, Royal Oak

Cost: $40. Morning tea and workshop notes provided.

This workshop is an all-day event, so make sure that you bring your lunch.

To book, contact: 021 0833 7868 (text)


  1. What a privilege to be able to hold this workshop in such a beautiful venue. I love that your organisation, volunteers and especially Victoria Barrett are so passionate about creating, sustaining and maintaining this environment that has been created for the upliftment and enjoyment of all. Thank you. Andrina Eyles

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