Friday, 2 June 2017

Looking back at last month's Fruit Tree Workshop

On the last Saturday of last month, the Dig It! Royal Oak Garden hosted another workshop on organic gardening. Run by Derek Craig, Heritage Gardener and Science & Research Officer for Auckland Branch of NZ Tree Crops Assoc., 25 attendees took part in learning about growing and cultivating fruit trees.

Derek Craig (centre) during last month's workshop

The workshop covered researching the different conditions fruit trees grow in, understanding the different rootstock, espalier shapes, pruning versus training techniques, feeding, watering, mulching to have healthy trees, safe netting techniques, pest and diseases recognition, and of course remedies.

CCS Disability Action's Barrier Free Advisor Vivian Naylor found the workshop extremely informative. "It was well attended and clearly appreciated by all, lots of questions," she said. 

Kim Williamson appreciated Mr Craig's expertise. "I was astounded by how much I learnt.  What a knowledgeable man he is and he explained it all so well. It’s also a wonderful garden to see there at CCS and you keep it in such a beautiful state."

The next workshop will take place on Saturday, 24 June. More information about this workshop will be available on our Facebook page shortly.

In the meantime, if you are visiting the garden be sure to try our new MINERAL MULCH FROM THE SEA which we sell by 40l bag for $9.98 or bring your own trailer $150 for 1 cu m , $250 for 2 cu m.

It not only mulches the fruit trees but acts as a natural fertilizer to feed the trees. It comprises seaweed, seagrass and sand to enrich your soil and increase microbial activity and drainage. As an opening special, this month you can buy three 40L BAGS for $20.00.


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