Monday, 8 May 2017

Harvest Workshop: A chance to grow knowledge as well as food

After two years, the Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Garden recently held its first workshop since re-opening to the public this past February.

Held on Saturday 29 April, the workshop offered people a chance to learn about long and short-term harvesting of organic produce.

According to Dig it! Garden Supervisor Vicky Barrett, the workshop was "a hands-on workshop with experienced gardeners sharing their knowledge."

The Harvest Workshop was run by Robyn Gardener-Gee who previously worked for Plant and Food Research and is now training as a permaculture teacher.

The attendees shucked corn, which Robyn then took home and ground in her food processor to make some amazing bread.

"We hulled beans for winter drying, storing and using for winter soups and stews. The beautiful Musquee de Provence, King, Butternut,Triamble and Blue and Crown pumpkins were harvested and stored followed by moving inside to make delicious sauerkraut," she explains.

"Harvest time is a celebration of people's efforts. Having made the sauerkraut and tasted it, the process was simplified for us to go home and make it for our families." 

Vicky was very happy with how the workshop went. "It was very successful, and so much fun.”
If you are interested in taking part in future workshops, contact Vicky Barrett at


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