Sunday, 26 June 2016

Garden Team Profile: Rob Furness

Rob Furness is something of a Dig It! Garden veteran, having been with the gardens for over 10 years. We discover what makes him tick!

Two men stand together both are holding a rotary hoe which is resting inside a small hole.
Rob Furness (right) with regular garden volunteer, doing what Rob likes best, getting stuck in to the practical stuff!
Rob Furness first came to the gardens as a volunteer before being offered a part-time, position.
For Rob, the practical work in the garden is particularly rewarding. “I get satisfaction from completing a project.” Rob also enjoys the variety in the work at the Dig It! Gardens and it’s easy to see why – his role sees him do a huge range of jobs such as building, welding, concreting and planting. He has been an integral part of the redevelopment process, which is currently the garden’s biggest focus.

As well as manual labour, Rob also helps out with the “people” side of things, leading tours for visitors to the garden, such as school kids, and supporting volunteers who work in the gardens. It’s a role which he enjoys, as it gives back. “I like seeing people’s lives change through coming here.”  

CCS Disability Action’s people-first attitude, which extends to its employees, is also a drawcard for Rob. “It’s a nice organisation to work for. They’re very understanding of people with a disability’s needs. I really like working here.”

It’s a good thing that the gardens work well for Rob, as we’re keen to keep him here as long as possible!


  1. I've been following your story since you all started. I can't believe all the struggles you face and you never give up. Keep it up, I look forward to the end result.

  2. great job and keep up the good work!

  3. great job and keep up the good work!