Saturday, 25 June 2016

Garden Team Profile: Brendan Murphy

Dig It! Garden Worker Brendan Murphy started his journey as a volunteer back in 2012. We explain why he loves coming to work each day.

Brendan Murphy stands beside a raised wooden garden bed. The bed is only partly constructed and he is holding a drill to wood in the corner as he looks and smiles at the camera.
Brendan Murphy enjoys the opportunity that Dig It! provides to contribute to his community.
As a person with a lived experience of disability, Brendan was initially drawn to the garden’s commitment to an inclusive environment. “I liked what the gardens stood for – often places working “for” people with disabilities don’t practice what they preach behind-the-scenes. I like that CCS Disability Action hires people with disabilities and sees value in their disabled staff.”
After a couple of years volunteering in the gardens, Brendan was offered a permanent part-time position. His role is varied, which is something he loves. His days are spent doing planting, managing visitors to the garden and volunteers, as well as helping with design aspects as they come up such as with the current garden redevelopment.
For Brendan, there are many perks of the job. “It's a relaxed place to work, and very welcoming. People here aren’t just interested in getting ahead, like they maybe would be in a corporate environment. Working in a place like this gives me a sense of satisfaction and makes me feel as though I’m doing something meaningful.”
He also enjoys being able to get outside in the fresh air and interact with people. “I’m a social person so I like working with people. It’s good because we’re working with lots of different people, with different unique qualities and experiences. It opened my eyes a bit and showed me the importance of removing barriers for people with all impairments, not just people with physical disabilities.”
As well as working in the gardens, Brendan is also a member of CCS Disability Action's Disability Action Advisor group(DAA), which meets regularly to discuss areas of interest, raise concerns and provide disabled leadership to the region.
Brendan is a valued presence in the garden and the wider CCS Disability Action organisation!

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