Thursday, 3 March 2016

Volunteer Profile: The Gardening Girl

By CCS Disability Action Intern, Vikram Wagh

Garden volunteer Felicia Harm Nam

Fijian-born Felicia Harm Nam is passionate about gardening - almost everything about what she loves to do relates to gardening or planting.

Felicia has been with Dig It! since the start  of2016 and has quickly established herself as a reliable and cheerful presence in the garden. 

She originally heard of the Royal Oak gardens through an agricultural course she was completing. After being signed on by Gardens Supervisor Vicky Barrett, Felicia welcomes the opportunity to have her talents used and to develop her skills.

"What I love about my job is that it keeps me busy and is easy to get to rather than sit at home and do nothing” she says.

Some of the vegetables she has planted include beans, tomatoes and basil. She also helps in weeding the site and enjoys cooking with the produce from what she helps to plant and grow at with Dig It!

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