Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Preparing Zucchinni Beds

Suzanne carting a wheelbarrow behind her prepared zucchinni beds.
Suzanne hard at work in the garden.

 Last week, Suzanne had her first day of work experience with us at the Dig It! Garden, where she helped us plant zucchinni.

We started out by planting zucchinni rampicante and cucumber seed in the glasshouse and labelling them. 

After a break we began to prepare the bed for the zucchinni. We started by stripping out the spinach going to seed (the bed had been weeded previously.) 

Then Suzanne dug eight 30cm deep holes. We layered them with sheep pellets, then chopped up spinach stems, roots and compost to create eight mounds. 

Then Suzanne covered each mound with seaweed and grass clippings. The worms will chew up all the fresh material and airate each mound, mixing the wonderful ingredients together till planting time in late November. 

Thank you for all your hard work Suzanne!

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