Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Build-a-Box workshop in the garden

Last month we hosted a “Build-a-Box” workshop where people could learn how to make a neat little vege patch that goes in a garden box – meaning even those without a big garden could get involved!
Photo credit: Brendan Murphy

The event was held at our Dig It! Garden and taught those who attended the materials and skills needed to build a kitset garden box – soil, seedlings and a box. 

Geoffry, who was assisted by staff member Brendan, started off the day by demonstrating the construction of a cardboard box as a raised


garden bed. We then made up a mix of soil, compost, horse manure, palm fibre and peat and demonstrated putting in vegetable plants. The process of planting potatoes in tall plastic buckets was also demonstrated.

Handy tips such as breaking laterals off tomatoes to root indoors in a jar of water as a way to multiply plants for succession, and tips on companion planting were also shared. 

Overall, the day was a great success and we hope that those who came along were able to go home and plant a great vege garden!

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