Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Farewell Julia!

For those of you who hadn't heard, we said a fond but very sad farewell and thank you to Julia Watson a few weeks ago. Here, we want to acknowledge Julia's incredible work and give you a quick update on where to from here for Dig It!
We were sorry to see the wonderful Julia Watson go, but delighted that she'll have the opportunity to spread her wings in another community-focused role.
We are sorry to see the wonderful Julia Watson go, but delighted
that she'll have the opportunity to spread her wings in another community-focused role.

It’s been an incredibly busy year in the Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Gardens. From the larger scale community events, like our Festival of Herbs and the Love Your Neigbourhood themed Garden Party through to the smaller, everyday community groups and schools we are proud to welcome into our accessible and inviting haven.

At the center of all this action  was Julia Watson. Julia has, in partnership with our incredible volunteers, created so many meaningful relationships and a space where all people are valued for their unique qualities and strengths.

Julia's moved on to a new role at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. While we'd be lying if we didn't say we are terribly sad, on the positive side this will give her the opportunity to create another inclusive, accessible place in the sun where the many people connected with Dig It! can create in turn another home away from home. We look forward to visiting you Julia once you're all settled in!

Julia's farewell saw people from CCS Disability Action, garden staff and volunteers, schools and community groups crowd in to acknowledge and celebrate her work. We were literally spilling out into the sunshine and up the hallway! A testament to how this community gem (that's you Julia) is so valued by the Dig It! Community.

The team at CCS Disability Action are currently recruiting for Julia's role. While her shoes are certainly going to be hard to fill, it's a great opportunity for another passionate, community-minded person to step up and continue her great work. We will keep you updated on how this is going on this blog.

In Julia's absence, it’s business as usual in the Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Garden. The shop hours are still currently from 10am to 3pm and we always welcome visitors to the shop to buy our fresh produce. Outside of garden hours you can also pay at reception during office hours.

Our awesome volunteers, continue to hold the fort in the meantime. We are grateful for their continued presence and love to see their smiling, friendly faces. They help make the garden the fantastic place it is.

Community groups and our neighbours are also very welcome, currently we have a number of groups who spend regular, productive time in the garden.

So keep watching the blog for some fabulous upcoming events and inspiration.  In the meantime keep visiting, volunteering and learning with us in the garden.

Thanks for your ongoing support from the Dig It! Royal Oak Organic Garden Team.

And as Julia always signed off with a quote, here we go to, on this beautiful sunny day (for now at least)!
The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.
 Alfred Austin.

 Best wishes,
The Dig It! team.

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