Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 115 of 365 days in the community garden

Poppies for ANZAC day.
These are Californian poppies (not the traditional red and black Remembrance poppies) and are very pretty in the garden and easily self sow. (Note:they are regarded as a weed in certain areas. )

Quote from Don McIver, national president, Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association:
"For me, Anzac is about remembering with pride all who gave their lives in conflict. It is about the rich human potential, which our country lost when we lost so many patriots. I remember with gratitude what they achieved and with sorrow the cost of that achievement.
It is about supporting those who have lost their loved ones and those who survive maimed or ill as a result of their service.
As a soldier myself, it is about remembering those I served alongside and the deep and lifelong comradeship born of adversity. 
And importantly, it is about pursuing the equal opportunity society for which they fought, one  which provides security of future generations, peaceful resolution of conflict, freedom from poverty and hunger, adequate healthcare and education and fair and democratic government."
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