Monday, 10 March 2014

Volunteering fun at the garden

Wow we have a busy few weeks ahead of us here at the garden! If you are keen to learn about some of the things our volunteers do here at the garden on our main volunteer day (every Thursday), here is a glimpse of upcoming events for the next two weeks. Feel free to join in if you are available!

News and events for this Thursday (13th March):
·         Making rhubarb/feijoa preserves: Thursday 11am-12.30pm (right after morning tea). Join our garden chefs extraordinaire (Jin, Louise and team) to help with making some lovely jars of preserves to be sold at the next mini market. Please bring any clean glass jars with lids if you have spare ones.
·         Learn how to take cuttings: Thursday 9.45am-10.30am. All volunteers and those who are part of the gardeningworkshops we run on a Thursday morning are invited to join us as we learn how to take effective cuttings of different plants around the garden.
·         Note about Thursday: this Thursday we have a group of students from Michael Park school (in addition to Sunnydene) coming to the garden. I’ll be running a treasure hunt for them, and we will be doing some gardening tasks together – so it’s going to be a festive day.

News for next Thursday (20th March):
·         Mini-market: Thursday 20th March at 11am. We will be harvesting any fruit and vegetables from the garden and selling it to the CCS Disability Action staff after their monthly meeting. Plus we will be selling the jars of preserves we make this week. If you are available to help with harvesting and setting up the table that would be wonderful!
·         Learn about Composting: Thursday 9.45-10.30am. As part of our Thursday gardening workshops, I’ll be going through how a compost system works and how to build an effective compost heap.

News for April:

·         We are hosting the Community Garden Showcase and PumpKing competition on the 5th of April, in collaboration with the Auckland Council and Gardens4Health. It would be wonderful if you were available on this exciting day to help with setting up and hosting the event. The event runs from 10am-12.30pm and promises to be a fun day!

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