Friday, 6 December 2013

Join us for our December gardening class on Herb Cultivation

Borage - a wonderful herb to attract bees
Join us for our final gardening class for 2013! The topic is “Herb Cultivation and Introductory Botany” and it will be presented by Ingrid Ennis. Everyone is welcome!

 Here are further details:

Introductory Botany/ Herb Cultivation: Saturday, 14th December 2013, 9.30am-12.30pm, 14 Erson Ave, Royal Oak.

Ingrid taught horticulture students at Unitec for over 10 years. Her specialist areas include plant physiology and crop production. Research interests include strawberry and tomato growing techniques, devitalisation techniques for imported floristry material, germination of at risk endemic Pomaderris hamiltonii, and ozone use in greenhouses. Ingrid has a Bachelor in Horticulture Science (Hons) from Lincoln University.

Her session will cover two major components:
Herb cultivation:
Explore some common and not so common herbs and how to grow them successfully in the Auckland region. Herbs discussed will include coriander, rocket, dill and basil and more.

Introductory botany:
• Plant structure and function
• The main physiological processes that support plant growth and development.
• How the environment affects how plants grow.

It would be wonderful to see you there, and to round off this series of gardening classes for the year!

P.S. We run monthly gardening classes throughout the year, and we will be running ten exciting classes starting in February 2014. Contact us to find out more! email

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